Altcoin Mining Pool

AltMine is a Litecoin mining pool that helps you to earn money with your ATI, NVidia graphic card or CPUs.

  • You launch a mining software on you computer that calculates cryptographic transactions for the Altmine P2Pool.
  • The coins earned by the Altmine P2Pool are directly shared to the miners.

The Altmine P2Pool URI :

Low fees

This pool has only 1% fees.


This pool is fully decentralized and uses the famous P2Pool software.

Low latency

This P2Pool node is configured to have low latencies.


All the statistics of this P2Pool node are available here.

Quick launch

We provide preconfigured softwares to help to start mining quickly.


There is no wallet stored on the server. The wallets are fully decentralized.

  Live Dashboard  

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